Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Power to the People

Where do they get their power? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are jamming a program down the public's throat based on the idea that it is what the public wants. This despite the numerous polls that indicate there is little support for their collective reform efforts. In fact, there is an indication that some of the uninsured don't want it either, and they were the main push to get health care reform done, to cover the uninsured.

But the bigger question remains, where do they get their power to cobble together a program of such magnitude? Even the biased estimates by the Dem's themselves the impact financially is enormous, all of it a burden on the Taxpayer. Economically speaking this is a program that will capture at the least 1/6th of the total GDP of this country and that is at its start, once it gets going, say 10 or more years down the road it will be eating much more of the total wealth of the country, it will become like the NHS in Great Brittan. There are so many people working for the NHS that it has become its own political force and you can bet it will do everything to stay alive.

But again, where do the House and Senate get the power for this kind of a program? I am talking Constitutional power? Why is no one asking this question? Why is no one standing up and saying that this kind of program goes way beyond the powers given to either the Executive or Legislative branches of our government? Is this why they originally wanted this passed by the end of July, so no one could challenge the constitutionality, is this why the "new" house rule calls for only 72 hours of debate? Why is no one talking about the enumerated powers of the Constitution and applying those standards to the Bill before the House and Senate?

Hat Tip to my friend at Random Acts of Patriotism for pushing on this issue, he has blogged about it twice in the last month and I think it needs more airing out. He points to a really good posting at The Patriot Post that covers this entire issue.

Read it and start asking the questions about how these elected Politicians have taken for themselves the power over our lives that are deemed to us alone. We need to take it all back.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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