Friday, November 20, 2009

Missing Movement

Sorry about the lack of activity here. My daytime job has required my undivided attention more or less 10 to 12 hours per day and over both of the last two weekends. I long ago ran out of prepared material that I thought I was going to need during this period but it lasted longer than I thought. We are developing a system for a Foreign customer and the Formal Acceptance testing was being conducted this week. So the last two weeks have been spent getting everything 'finished' and set up for the Customer to observe the testing. During the build-up I had to fire a programmer who's lackadaisical attitude during a time when we have high unemployment was simply amazing. Once he was escorted from the building I had the undivided attention of the remaining staff. Funny how that works. So, we have completed our format tests, successfully I might add, and we had the long 2-hour feast at a nearby Arab cuisine restaurant (did I mention our customer a Friendly Arab nation). Now, we document what we did, finalize the software and commence tear down and packing of all the equipment for the long boat ride east. We will be spending time in the desert sometime in the New Year.

But right now, we get back to our old regime; fresh posts are on the way folks.

Thanks for sticking by me.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Ed Murray said...

Ohh my my ..I do remember doing FMS work, both with the arid weather Saudi's and the kimchi eating Koreans and its exactly as you say JT. From full build up, coding, testing, tear down and shipment. The fun is only for the onsite issues that arise and yes they always do ..;-)

Buck said...

I could have never maintained a blog during my civilian working years... the pace was just too danged hectic and demanding. The AF was another story, though. ;-)

So: understood, Jimmy. And congrats on the recent success.