Thursday, November 12, 2009

Apology Tour Pacific Rim Edition

PresBO is off on a tour of Asia. He has to go make sure those Chinese keep buying our Dollar, but besides that I am sure he is going to apologize for America's transgressions in the region. Here is what I think will be some of his agenda:

Japan –

Sorry for those huge giant glowing smoking holes we gave you, we should have tried to negotiate a settlement with you, I mean you couldn't have been all bad.


Sorry we got in the way of the Communist Unification of the country. All these years you guys would have been even more productive then your brothers in the south have been. Shame on us for preventing that, I mean you could have had all the Nuke Power you need to you know, light up the north if we had just stayed out of your way. Maybe next time, especially if you hurry and invade before I leave office.

China - Sorry we did not get behind the that whole "cultural revolution" thing but I do have a lot of Mao followers in my Administration. I'd have even more if that loud mouth Glenn Beck would stop pointing them out on his TV and radio show.

Vietnam – oops, well just see Korea above!!

Indonesia – it's so nice to be back in what I consider my second home you know after Kenya, er ah, Hawaii!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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Buck said...

Heh. I'm afraid you're closer to the truth than you know...