Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ClimateGate – Part Three

First. Peer Reviews. This was what the sold the world so NO ONE else would go out and collect and examine data. This is what kept many more scientists off doing other research or keeping to themselves. No need to 'fact check' if we are doing rigorous peer review. Well it seems they were shopping their peers, finding supposed academics that were either ignorant of what they were doing so they coached them through the analysis or ones so onboard with the agenda that they went along.

Second. Code Analysis. They are taking apart the source code of the modeling software used by the Hadley CRU. Seems they embedded comments in there to help themselves figure out what was real data modeling versus code added to manipulate data. There are several smoking guns in there and they have only just begun to look it over. Another reason to leave programming to programmers and science to scientists.

Third. Virtually nothing from ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN. Can you imagine any of these supposed "media" outlets completely ignoring an NRA report that was fabricated or heavily doctored in some way? Like this: Since January 1st, Number of Homicides committed with a gun: 15, 502. Guns Used in Self-Defense: 2, 184, 463. Yet if that number was "cooked" or 'doctored', or 'manipulated' or let's say some padding of the data was happening, don't you think the so called MSM would be all over that? They would hound down every last person involved including event he guy that selected the type setting used on the blog where it came from. But not when it is a Liberal agenda item, suddenly it's the ole "Hear No Evil, See No Evil we will Speak No Evil".

Lastly. I want to laugh at all those political statesman who sold the Global Warming Bill of Goods to their states and passed huge taxes on energy and supposed carbon producing products so as to help bring down that non-existent temperature rise. Think California, they have been eating all hype like it was some going to make them all better.

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