Friday, August 28, 2009

To Do List – Counter Protest

Yeah time to roll the sleeves up and get into the fray. I have done some small things. I emailed the White House when they were still running their "Snitch" hotline and reported a couple of Web Sites that had 'fishy' information, or at least information that was contrary to what the President was going around saying. These were Nancy Pelosi's website and the AARP website. I am guessing that neither the President or Nancy had read the 1018 page bill nor had they actually tried to coordinate their message to the public. Each one was out there saying stuff that was contradicting the other, bully for them. I love it when the Dem's stick it to themselves. I fingered the AARP because their "Facts versus Myths" page was actually more like "Lie's versus Myths" and they sending me membership packages, so their link went to the White House too.

I have not heard back if the White House is sanctioning either or if they are even investigating. This is becoming a problem with this White House, returning calls that is. I have called them maybe a dozen times trying to get an appointment for an oil change for my Chevy Malibu. What do I have to do, drive down there and get my MAXX into the White House motor pool for service? I guess when the motor seizes it will then qualify as a Clunker and I might qualify for a handout.

So I am thinking it is now time to get more involved at a local level. I joined this local 912 group but they were pretty lame. I think the organizer was mainly interested in 'networking' for a job (he is a marketing guy) and several of the more active were selling bumper stickers, t-shirts and such. I don't be grudge them for wanting to make a buck (we are conservatives, you know the working class), but I thought I was joining one of those reactionary groups, you know get together and stand on the street corner somewhere with handmade signs. But no, this bunch was happy meeting in diners, eating and hawking each other's products (I understand the Marketer hooked up with one of the bumper sticker makers and now I get their mass emails from them).

Now, I live in the PA 13th Congressional district which is held right now by Allyson Schwartz. She sits on the House Ways and Means Committee which is kind of an important assignment as that is the committee that 'writes' the tax code. I put that in quotes because I really don't think congress critters actually write anything. I think they pimp out their whole job. She is also on the House Budget Committee as well. She is considered a Rank-and-File democrat by her voting record that is when she votes. She only votes 54% of the time. No telling what she is doing for the rest of the time she spends in DC.

To me she would be one that you would want to protest but I can't find anyone interested. She is hiding and not having any town hall meetings nor does it appear is she seeing constituent's one on one either. I have emailed, snail-mailed her and I even used her website to try and get a meeting with her. No doing. I guess it is best to keep your head down when your party is pushing Ugly around like it was sliced bread.

My district is one of those gerrymandered mess's of a district. I live way out in farm country but a majority of the constituents of the district are 50 miles away living in the city of Philadelphia. Solidly democrat, the Great Northeastern part of Philly is where my wife was born and raised until into her High School days when her parents moved the family out into the suburbs. The white exodus that occurred in the late 60's left a lot of abandon homes, business and industrial buildings in this portion of Philly. A lot of the people of the City fled shrinking its overall population and congressional clout. When I first moved here in 1979 the city was the third largest in population in the nation. Today, it's lucky to be the 6th when the next census occurs. It's been run almost this whole time by Democrats, Mayor and City Counsel. The suburbs around Philly are solid Republican territory but to negate that influence and keep as many Democrat Congress Critters in DC, they jumbled up the Districts. We used to be in the 15th, but you can see the shape of the district below. What a mess.

Ah well, maybe I'll strike out on my own and stand at the end of Allyson's driveway with my own sign. What to put on it however, what should my message be? I'll have to work on that. I do have plenty of poster board, left over from my daughter's college days.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Your district isn't as egregious as some gerrymandering I've seen, Jimmy.

That said... it's no wonder you're representative is avoiding her constituents. I would too if I had a 54% voting record. Amazing, innit?

JimmyT said...

Buck, you are right, that is one ugly district. Amazing how things have been so bent. Term Limits. Way past time for em.

BT: Jimmy T sends.