Thursday, August 20, 2009

“Oh the Humanity”

Earlier today Scotland officials released the convicted terrorist Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi (his full name goes on and on). Convicted in 2001 of killing 270 innocent folks - men, women and children in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland. The release was ordered by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill who termed it a "compassionate" release because al-Megrahi has terminal prostate cancer (supposedly) with only 3 months of life left.

Compassion. Interesting word, if you dig deep enough into its history you find it was constructed from "together" and "to suffer" which seems counter intuitive. If it was me deciding on compassion for this individual (he is not a man in my book he is barely human as far as I am concerned) I would have simply put him down. In those old days after evisceration he would have been dismembered and his head 'posted' on a pike for all to see and his arms and legs sent to the far reaches of the empire. Admittedly, that empire is much smaller today but dismemberment is still appropriate in this case.

Breaking News: On landing in Tripoli, Libya, Ali al-Megrahi was greeted by thousands at the airport and honored as a hero to Islam.

Anyone else see that coming?

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Flag Gazer said...

Still Fuming...
He also looked ill when leaving and healthy on arrival.

Bag Blog said...

Should have killed him when they had the chance - isn't that a line from a movie?

alison said...

Empire? They're trying to break up the UK. That's the SNP and devolution for you. Good eh?

JimmyT said...

Flag, you noticed the remarkable recovery too huh, I guess that's what freedom does to you. Puts a spring in your step. Just wish someone had put a slug of lead in him to go along with the step.

Lou, its too bad that "Life in Prison" is only 7 years in the USA, at least they had him in for 8, but then he did kill 270. Just don't seem fair.

Alison, yeah it's a cancer from within that is killing that great country. Have to find a way to save it, for all of us.

alison said...

To be honest if we wind up just England I'm not sure I would be too sorry anymore. I've had it with Scottish nationalism, their celebration of loser-sim. Not to mention their bloated lazy fat welfare state. If that means we break up the UK, so be it. Forever England.

Flag Gazer said...

Lucky guy, Qaddafi had him out to the 'ranch' - the same place John McCain met with Qaddafi last week.

I bet Qaddafi is kicking himself for giving up his WMD's to President Bush.. this crew wouldn't care.