Monday, August 31, 2009

Politically Correct – Un-American Re-Defined

The war on the CIA carries on unabated by the US AG. The CIA Director of Intelligence, Leon Panentta has offered to have the agency pay for any lawyers they may need to defend themselves. This is like a cancer, one part of the US eating the other, from the inside. Our enemies must be laughing their asses off somewhere out there (in their caves). This will chill that once great agency to the point that it will no longer take chances, no one worth 2-cents will go to work there and it will become just a place for civil servants with security clearances to go and bid their time before retirement. The US frees captured terrorists from Gitmo, they go along without too much complaint when the Scots decide to play Blood for Oil game with Libya, and they turn a blind eye to thugs in Philly (with clubs) intimidating voter ALL on Eric Holders watch. All with his blessing or his consent. What a mess.

Then we have Diane Watson a congresswoman from CA, that says opposition to BHO is because he is "the first president that looks like Me", basically equating opposition to racism.

So many whites and Hispanic voted for BHO in hopes of putting race behind us, in hopes of changing the status quo with regards to racial stereotypes. Instead, these same stereotypes are being used as a bludgeon to silence debate and more importantly to put an end to opinions that are different then the BHO agenda. This is un-American. We got to this point in history of electing a black person to the presidency precisely because of debate, feisty and raucous debate; we embraced the idea of looking out past the status quo of a history of white men running the country. And what did it get us; now everything is a racial issue. Everything comes with blatant racist strings attached. Look at the health care bill, there are many provisions in there that gives preference to federal monies if colleges and universities show an acceptance preference to minorities. There are similar preferences in the so called stimulus bill, thereby funneling more money towards racially preferred companies. In the words of Robert Reich (economic advisor to BHO) they did not want stimulus money going to "white construction workers or highly trained people" and Charlie Rangel (congress critter and tax cheat from New York City) agreed with him. This is un-American.

In the end we as a once free and open society are no longer safe from within or without. Just pull down the ensign and put up a big white flag. I just hope one day to get my own ass to Alaska where maybe one could live without interference from the big government.

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virgil xenophon said...

Yes, it's all sadly pathetic, isn't it Jimmy. Hard to believe it's all playing out like this...