Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TMI - Canning Tomato's

The start and near the end of the process is shown here. The fresh Toe's are waiting in the back near the scalding pot. In the foreground I have sterilized jar's waiting for prep (the upside down ones) and jar's that have the spices, garlic and olive oil are next to get Toe guts. I I add salt to the filled up jar's and then cap them. When I have enough for a batch in the boiler (usually 8 jars) I haul them out for processing.

Here you see Toe's swimming in near boiling water. Some of this cooking gear is only used for this purpose. The pan and strainer the Toe's are sitting in are such tools. Same for the large pot processor below.

Here you see Toe's waiting in ice water to have their skins removed. A tedious process but so worth it. Whole skinned Toe's are put in to the La Machine for chopping. I do not puree the Toe's, only chop.

Chopped Toe's are placed into the large Bowl. We use this same bowl for making torrtlla too. From the bowl I spoon out the Toe guts using a straining spoon. The juice that is left behind is saved off and strained for Tomato juice.

The boiling water bath canner. I can get up to 12 quarts in this pot but usually it is only 8. This pot is so big I cook it on my grill. The Beefeater 2000 does the job and I have had two such pots on this grill in the past.

The finished product. I was able to put up 29 quarts. Stored in our basement along with some jelly and soon some pickled veggies as well.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Not TMI... at all. Good stuff!

JimmyT said...

Thanks Buck!! It will all be worth it when we are knee deep in snow and I come in from shoveling out the drive way to hot, steaming plate of pasta drenched in home made sauce.

BT: Jimmy T sends.