Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Air for the rest of Us

Yes, folks Ted Kennedy has passed. Father, Husband (sometimes), senior senator from Mass, the Liar Lion of the senate, the poor car driver, expert swimmer and political wrangler has gone on to meet his maker. I hope Mary Jo is waiting by the pearly gates to, you know bear witness for what passed for his life.

I won't say more as the bile in my gut is broiling over the adulation the MSM is heaping on this Luckiest Man on Earth. He escaped criminally negligent homicide charges because of his name and family connections.

I just wonder what Smacked-Ass of a leftist the good people of Mass will vote in and saddle the rest of the country with. All these many years, 47 in fact, we have had this piece of communist excrement in power and the voters in the Bay State have left him there. Growing in power with every year he remained in office. John Adams I am sure can now stop spinning in his grave, at least until that other crap head comes out of hiding, John Kerry.

I can't believe both of these men will get ground in Arlington. Well, they won't have problems growing grass on top of them. Manure this rich will grow anything.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Bag Blog said...

When I caught the news this morning, I dreaded the onslaught of mass media on Teddy's death. So the TV has been turned off for a while. I saw a little blurb on his "apology" for leaving the scene of an many years ago (they show things like that in OK). It slapped me in the face.

JimmyT said...

Lou, I couldn't believe the adulation they heap on the guy, like some kind of super star. I hate that too. They have only mentioned the killing of Mary Jo as a side note over here. The MSM keeps showing how important Universal Health Care was to Teddy, it was his "life's work" yet he let Mary Jo drown.
Creep, I hope he rots in hell, he was Catholic so that should apply to him!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.