Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stray Voltage

Stray thoughts wondering through the grey matter, needs to be exercised.

Europe – what's all the fuss? I don't get why so many people in the States America (and why is America referenced as the "States") think that things are "superior" in Europe? Is it because they have been here longer? You know as a "civilized" or "organized" community? I still don't get this. I have recently spent a lot of time in Europe and watched a lot of their television. Spoke with many people about "things" here, the general conditions for the masses, the state of their society as I see it and what the expectations of the people are towards their government.

The poor in America live very well as compared to people in Europe. I'd say if compared to Asia Major or Minor even more so. Why would you want to be degraded down to their level? The taxes in Europe are really regressive even on the most poor.

That whole VAT thing has jacked up the cost of almost all consumer goods. Even countries that do not have it still have a very high tax structure. Again, those with the means can use loopholes and shelters to keep a lion's share of their loot, the middle class and the poor can't.

Airport Security – why is it that when you fly in America they make you take your shoes off but not in Europe? Did not the shoe bomber originate in Europe somewhere? And why are we not being forced to remove our underwear as a response to the Christmas day "Great Balls-O-Fire" incident? Again, another flight that originated in Europe. When you go through security in Europe they don't require you to take your shoes off, and they especially don't ask you for your underwear. When will they be doing that in America?

Liability – that is a huge difference between America and Europe. It speaks to the huge outpouring of those societal leaches here, Lawyers. I say this because I had a fall in a bath tub in Norway. You see my fellow Americans, most Europeans don't shower every day like we do here. They take baths a couple or three times a week. So, when they "Americanize" a hotel to attract US business travelers they simply put a shower kit on the existing plumbing in tub. Add to this they do not provide traction mats or a towel to make it safe to stand in the tub and you have a recipe for near disaster.

And Yes, I took a spill falling in the tub and hitting my face on the way down on the edge of the tub. I actually struck the edge across the top of my check immediately under my eye. I was never lost out of it, no double vision or headaches. By the time I finished and dried off the swelling was starting, I finished the morning servicing and hurried into some cloths so I could go out and find a bag and some ice but by the time I left the room maybe 15 minutes later the eye was completely closed off with swelling. Now, if this had happened in America and I showed up at the front desk with a swollen face to the point of not being able to see out of the eye, they would have sent out for a doctor or at the least an ambulance. I would have been showered with gifts and free this and that from not only that hotel but the chain as well. Anything to keep from getting sued, you know keep those human wolves off them.

But not in Europe. The found me a bag and told me where to find ice. Nice.

I got plenty of stares going through airport security and on the airline flight back home. Every stew asked about the eye which about 6-hours into the return flight started to work again. Making is possible for me to walk without running into things.

This reminds me of a joke that I used to hear when I first moved to Pennsylvania. It had to do with all the toxic waste sites in New Jersey at the time (back in the 70's when the superfund site list was formed more than half of all of them were in the "Garden State") and PA having so many Lawyers.

It seems New Jersey had first pick.

That's all for now folks, more very soon. I promise.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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Buck said...

Wow... sorry about the eye, Jimmy. That sounds like a NASTY fall!

Apropos of nuthin'... I loved the tubs in Moscow; they were HUGE. A stretch out full-length kinda huge, and deep, too. I only stayed in three hotels there, but all three had gigantic tubs. And that's about the only good thing I can say about that city. Wait... caviar. Cheap. And vodka, cheaper. It got drunk out a lot while I was there.

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