Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hoist on one’s own petard

A central theme of the PresBO administration seems to be "Leave No Good Contributor Go Unpunished".

Health care companies gave money in huge amounts to Democrats and BO himself. With this the Dem's promptly tossed out the Free Market system and set about the ruin of the world's best health care system. I am sure in its wake hundreds of companies who make these contributions will go out of business to be replaced by the federally run program.

Only Trial Lawyers contributed more to Democrats and BO than Wall Street et al, Bankers included. BO promptly demonized bankers and Wall Street as the bane of our society. Declaring that making too much money was a bad thing famously saying "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money". Well, except for his friends and fellow Democrats like Al (Manbearpig) Gore and his global scheme/lie or Franklin Raines who plundered Fannie Mae.

Now we see BO and his administration eating BP for lunch. Hearing him in a vacuum you would think BP was single handed killing the planet. And has is no trouble declaring war on BP but not on Terror. His greatest visible response so far was to send a pack of Lawyers down to the Gulf to wage his war on BP. And that is how Liberals or Lefties see things; there are no "enemies" in their eyes just potential victim for which the DOJ Lawyers are there to represent. (The concept of war being a foreign concept to the left.)

BP's greatest sin was giving handsomely to the BO campaign (reportedly over $900 thousand dollars worth). And who knows how much BP gave to the Democrat party, millions no doubt. And what good will did all this money buy? So far not any.

This should be a lesson to any capitalist organization, if you think your contribution to a democrat candidate or to the party itself will be used to help you or your industry, think again. You might as well use all these dollars as toilet paper or maybe simply burn it while you still can have open fires, carbon itself to be outlawed by this very regime.

Oh, and there is one more – Lt. General Stanley McChrystal openly bragged about having voted for BO.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Lt. General Stanley McChrystal openly bragged about having voted for BO.

Which just goes to show that even our Best and Brightest can screw up badly from time to time. I'm bettin' the Good General wishes he could have that vote back. Along with a few hundred thousand others who are wishing the same thing (present company NOT included: I voted for the other guy).

JimmyT said...

Buck, I too held my nose and pulled the McCain/Palin lever. I knew from the git-go that BO was a commie, I just couldn't convince enough people and of course the MSM was on his side all the way. Too bad, we were a great country just a couple of years ago!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.