Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Empty Suit

An oil well blows out and starts to spew an undetermined amount of raw oil into the ocean. The well owner informs the Federal Government as required with estimates on both the amount of oil being lost but also what they were going to do to stop the outpouring of raw oil. This last being measured in Weeks.

The immediate Federal officials (local Coast Guard personnel) notified their Chain of Command what they were hearing from the Oil Company. Issues of this nature are above their pay grade. Soon the gusher is presented to this countries Chief Executive and he takes the news and hands-off the issue to his political operatives. Let them 'game' the issue to see how best to take advantage of this bad situation. Not wanting to let a good catastrophe go by without some exploitation. Then he checks-out to play a round of gold or two or four. Oh and to host a state dinner or two, or to throw a party or four or five. You know, Paul McCartney is in town only so often and you have to grab him when you can.

Ok granted, this countries Chief Executive job is pretty hard and I don't begrudge the man for taking a break or even two. But for a man who believed in the absolute ability of the Federal Government to solve even mundane problems, he has done a very poor job of leading that government to the "rescue" in this situation. A wholly inadequate response and on top of that his political team has returned with more of a strategy than his technical team has. I mean it is more than 65 days and the whole in the world is still bleeding oil into the Gulf.

A shameful response. And these people will be doing our health care.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


ASM826 said...

What was the name of Dudly DoRight's horse?

JimmyT said...

ASM, I thought it was simply "Horse" but for the life of me I can't pull it out of the cobwebs. I'll have to go to Google to find out for sure.

BT: Jimmy T sends.