Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making History

Hockey History that is! The Philadelphia Flyers completed an improbable comeback winning a Game 7 and advancing after being down 3 games to none.

This has only been done three previous times, the last back in 1974. And they spotted the Boston Bruins 3 goals first before they woke up and played some hockey!

I watched only the first maybe 8 minutes of the game and then turned away.

You see, I watched the all important Game 1 which saw the Flyers loose to Boston in overtime. I then left the country while the two teamas sorted things out between them.

So this was the first I had watched of the Flyers since that overtime defeat and watching them go down so quick by two meant to ME that I was their unlucky fan, their jink!

So I tuned the TV over to the Discovery channel and waited it out.
I came back during the 2nd intermission and was elated to see that the game was tied 3 to 3.

But, I did not stay, I went back to the Discovery channel.

With 48 seconds left in the game I returned to be a witness to the 4 to 3 win by the Flyers as they held on to win and march into the record books - as Winners.

Boston I am afraid will be in those books as well but in the CHOKER category. Most likely for all time too!!

Great Job Flyers, its time to beat up on some Canadians!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Link Here from Yahoo Sport, if you want more


Buck said...

I watched the whole thing. I just could not BELIEVE the B's found a way to lose that game. Which isn't taking anything away from your Flyers, of course. They played hard and accomplished the improbable... I only wish the Wings had done it first with those Fish. (sigh)

The ECF will be interesting, to say the very least. I'm not gonna mention who I'll be rooting for. ;-)

Ed Murray said...

Hey Jimmy could have been with me, I spent the last week in Beantown and the bars were rockin, except for the wrong team..But C'est La Vie..ohh to be the enemy during victory !!

Brigid said...

I just now saw the "go ugly early".


Loved the photos,

Your favorite old T-39 driver,