Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travel Hell – Kinda, Sorta

Let's say you are doing some business travel, in Europe. On your return trip from what was an exhausting 10 days of 10 to 12 hour days, you get to an intermediate stop. Let us say it is an airport from which you will take a commuter flight to a bigger airport and from their catch the big-ole Airliner back to the good ole US of A.

But its closed. No, not the airport, the skies. Yes they have stopped flying. So there you are with this big ole giant size suite case (carrying 4-bottles of wine by the way) and a laptop bag with two laptops inside along with a thick book that is boring as hell (note: Catherine Coulter sucks as an FBI thriller writer – avoid in future) and it too is weighing you down.

Since your flights have been cancelled you are basically stranded and at the mercy of the airline for your passage back home, them holding the return ticket that is.

It would look something like this:

This is an AP Photo of people stranded in the Franfurt Airport.

That would be Travel Hell. Pure and simple.

And that is where I find myself except for one thing. I am in Prague. Praha as they call it here. So it is far from Hell. I am in fact quite comfortable. My hotel is well in a fine spot, refer to picture below:

The circle and aroow show where My hotel is not far from that great square in Old Town Prague, I hesitate to call them blocks because well, nothing here is situated like one would call a block. But I am very close just the same.

The hotel my company had me booked in for the first night (Friday) did not have internet except in the lobby so I went and found the above place and it was cheaper (by $15 US), came with a breakfast buffet and internet in the room. It's not fast internet or even reliable but it is working. It is a great place to hole up. Especially because US Air says they can't get me out until Wedensday the 21st.

Not sure if my company is going to like this but, them's how the breaks break. Last time I was stranded was in February when the "snow of the century" closed down all the east coast airports from Charlotte to Boston. Frankfurt was the city that hosted me that time and it was, well let us be nice and say that there is a world of difference between Paraha and Frankfurt. Yeah a world of difference.

So, while I have some work to keep me occupied and lots to see my worry is that the cash holds out and I can find a place to do laundry. I need underwear real bad.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

I can think of worse places to be stranded. Hell, I HAVE been stranded in worse places! The ATMs work in Prague just like in the US, Jimmy. I have some experience in this space. ;-)

Have a Budvar for me. Or better yet, taste a couple of the local brews (whose names I've forgotten by now). It's ALL good.

Bag Blog said...

You're breakin' my heart!

JimmyT said...

Buck, I have had many since stepping off the EC70 train from Brno last Firday. I'll have more afer I tap the ATM and yes, they are just like here!!

Lou, Pictures are coming!

BT: Jimmy T sends.