Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Missing In Action – Sort Of

I am sorry to all the regulars that stop in here looking for new content. I am not so much "missing in action" as I am deployed with limited support.

My full time job has me back in the Czech Republic where the folks are great but their infrastructure leaves much to be desired. My hotel has lousy internet, it works best in their lobby which is a bit hard to do what with all the onlookers and all. Where I am working at has a very poor system, its wireless but chokes if too many of us are on line at a time so we take turns.

Still and away, this is a nice place to visit. I will be here till Friday where I move up to Prague for the day and fly home on Saturday.

The weather here has been poor at best. I flew into Prague which had snow on the ground when I got here. I had left PA when it was warm and sunny. I did not even bring a coat along. I had to go out and purchase one at their version of a Wallmart. Tesco they call them. I also raided the bread market they had and pigged out on some fresh whole grains that were simply indescribable.

Once again the work keeps me off the street so I have not been able to get out and about dispite having a rental car. I am the un-official dirver for this trip.

Karma being what it is, I flew in immediately ahead of PresBO who came out last week for his nuclear surrender treaty with Russia. He will be flying back this way to attend the funeral of the Polish president who was killed in a plane crash. So I will pass him going west.

Once I get my bearing again in Philly I will rant and rave as normal. I hope to have good pictures from Prague when I get up there. I hope to have nearly a full day there for sight seeing.

Thanks for stopping by,

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Bag Blog said...

Oooh, Prague...if you do get out, take great pictures with good lighting and post them - at your leisure of course:) I haven't traveled out of the USA for several years and I am envious.

JimmyT said...

Lou, I have my big digital CANON with me and I very much intend to take pictures if I can get out and up there for the day. Too much work right now but the good news is I have to come back in two weeks and I will have at least 1 whole weekend to run up there and take pictures. Can't wait.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Buck said...

Yup.. Prague is BIG fun! I think I may have mentioned that before... ;-)

wv: brothle. Oooh. We shall leave THAT alone.

JimmyT said...

Buck, yeah and you know in Navy parlance the Two TACAN rule applies!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.