Monday, April 19, 2010

Pictures from Praha, CZ

Pictures from my current forced-vacation. Thank you Iceland!! Enjoy.

This is the Lesser Bridge Tower. At one time the Georges river ran by here and you crossed through this tower onto a bridge and accross the river. Apperently many centries ago, the good folks of Praha decided to move the river a tad bit to the west and it left this tower with nothing to tower over. It gave them more land to buid their Old Town.
These are the famous spries in Old Town Prague. I am not sure what the name or the denomination of the church that these belong too but they go back more than 700 years. And they are lovely too. Legend has it that Walt Disney was inspired by these spires and you see that in the Magical Kingdom castles that he built.

This is the Tower that the Astronomical Clock is built into. I paid the small fortune (100 kc) to ride up in this building and then I walked up 8 more sets of stairs to get all the way up to the open area you see near the top. It was quite the view.

Here are those spires from directly accross from them at nearly the same height (my educated guess is that we are about 100 feet up)

Here is the view towards the Geroges River Bridge. That huge castle in the back is the seat of the government for all of the CZ. It is also the worlds largest castle.

Looking down into Old Town Square. There were several groups of musians plying their trade in different parts of the square. There are numerous sidewalk cafe's and restruants below and to our righ.
Here is a picture of the famous Astronomical Clock.
This think not only tells time, it does he day and month, phase of the moon, the position of several important stars, horescopes and even juliean fries and onions. Well maybe not that last part, but it is wicked cool.
I love those spires, this was taken a short walk from my hotel room approaching from behind.

Here is a detail of the stone works on the Georges Bridge. The figures are supposed to protect you from, long ears, pot bellies and I think money tails.

And a picture of the river with a tour boat. There is a channel on the right hand side, near that white building that the boats travel up. It serves the boat traffic like a lock, getting the boats up river past the falls.

Hey, What's for lunch!!

You bet I had one, couldn't pass it up!!
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Buck said...

GREAT pics. The spires impressed me, too... almost as much as the beer and the oh-so-stylish women. I may have to re-run a couple of my Prague picture-posts.

Bag Blog said...

I'm green with envy and lovin' the photos. There is drool on my keyboard. Thanks for posting the pics.