Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Horse Trading for Health Care

That is what is going on right now with PresBO and the Nancy gang trying to convert "NO"'s and "Undecided" Dem Representatives to vote for the massive take-over of the best health care system in the world.

Yesterday Dennis Kucinich (D- OH, No) and Marcia Fudge (D-OH) were invited to fly to the PresBO's campaign event in Cleveland aboard Air Force One. The better to turn your "No" to a "Yes" and I am sure the PresBO applied all the pressure he could manage to get both members of the Ohio delegation to vote for his health care reform package. Story here.

There is no end to the wheeling and dealing that the Democrat leadership is doing in trying to get the minimum number of "Yes" votes they can. Wiith more than 2/3's of the Stimulus Bill money still uncommitted my bet it that this money will be earmarked secretly to currently "NO" votes and "Undecided" in to "Yes". Bribery pure and simple.

And here is something akin to the Kitchen Sink: the feared Student Loan takeover by the Government is being added to the Health Care bill.

"Many House Democrats reacted enthusiastically on Friday to the word that a proposed overhaul of student loan programs would be included with major health care legislation in an expedited budget package to be offered in Congress."

"…As a result, some supporters of the health care bill said they were confident the financial aid measure would help generate votes for the overall package."

Further down in the article we get to this, "Of the 39 Democrats who opposed the health care bill, 35 voted in favor of the student loan bill."

They you go, making a mockery of Democracy, Nancy Pelosi at her finest. "We have to pass the Bill so we can see what is inside." Oh yeah that works in real life.

And they are going to use the "Slaughter" rule to pass it. This is the measure where they vote on a measure that is basically a bill for nothing but would "deem" the Senate Health Care bill as passed. This measure is surrogate for actually voting on the Bill itself. This is supposed to give Democrats that are afraid to vote "Yes", cover. That's right, they think they can get away with passing this and then heading home to say they did not vote on the health care take over.

What piss-ants. I have NO respect for people that will not do what is right and vote on this horrible bill, one way or the other. They have to hide behind another measure like no one is going to notice.

They should all be impeached for even contemplating this path. What legitimacy will this law have if it was passed in an Un-constitutional manner? It will have none.

We are led by Cowards.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

We are led by Cowards.

And fools.

steve osc ret said...

And yet, nada from the other side of the aise. No outrage, etc. I view them equally responsible.

JimmyT said...

Buck: Yes that too!

Steve: Those asshats did their damage by jumping onto the spending bus and now most of them can't get off. But they are not the ones driving that bus or mapping out the route, that is all those commie democrats.

BT: Jimmy T sends.