Friday, March 12, 2010

Count This!

Lots of controversy about the Census this year, a lot of chatter out there on who is doing it (can you spell ACORN?), what they are "authorized" to collect and of course what they do with that data. PresBO's interest in the Census was so great that one of his first actions after moving into the White House, after tossing the bust of Winston Churchill into recycle bin, after passing the Porkuls Spending Bill you know the one without any earmarks in it, he by Presidential decree moved the management of the Census into one of them corner offices of the White House. This Census will be closely managed by his political stooges and cronies with no interest in the outcome. None at all, no fish here that stink you smell was here when we moved in.
So what is the individuals' responsibility for the Census? There is this huge Ad campaign pushing the cooperation of the everyday person with completing the survey we will all be getting. Some of us will get a long form, the rest a short 10 question survey. The Ad campaign is a flat out bribe for our participation. It is couched in terms of all the Federal money that each community gets all based on the Census. Well, if that were true then why are all those Congresscritters always bragging on "bringing home the bacon" in the way of pork barrel spending projects? None of that is based on the Census, it's all on how much time one of those Legislators is willing to spend on his or her knees getting their pet project into a bill.
I am also against the whole illusion that this is what the Census was for in the first place. It was never about spreading the wealth of the country around to those that don't work for it or deserve. The "enumeration" was specifically for determining how many Congress Creeps each State gets.

Nothing more.

And I think that is our sole responsibility, the total number of Americans living within the domicile. Any other information is above and beyond what is constitutionally required and NO ONE has authority to request more than a raw number.

Here is a video that goes into a lot this and especially has questions that the Census Bureau will not answer you know like: "Where is your warrant?" It's a good watch, not too long.

I will be answering only the number question and the race question. "American" is what I am putting down. That's it. They can waterboard me for the rest of the data they want or simply ask the IRS, they seem to know a lot about me already!

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

You're right: there's LOTSA push-back on the census and deservedly so. But all the brouhaha is ALL about re-districting, AFAIK. Which is why The One is so obsessed. 2012 ain't THAT far away.

JimmyT said...

Buck, that is the big prize in all of this. Carving out congressional districts that are bullet proof for Democrats.

BT: Jimmy T sends.