Thursday, February 24, 2011

And the Winner Is: Suprise!!

It's Boeing! Yeah, I am caught surprised as well. I never figured those USAF Pin Heads would have done this and award to Boeing what will be at least $35 Billion dollars in aircraft. Boeing pitched a "Next Generation" Tanker built on the 767 airframe. They build something similar that is in operation with Japan and Italy. They need to ramp up quickly and get these airframes in the air.

Good on them, in these economic times it makes all kinds of good sense to keep this program at home even if a lot of it is built off shore and brought here for final assembly.

I expect there to be some legal gymnastics and I hope it is held to a minimum and that Boeing gets moving building these aircraft. The Boy's in Blue could sure use them as those KC-135's are very long in the tooth. They must cost a bundle to repair and maintain and most are older than the Wing Commanders much less the actual air crews.

Not sure what I am going to write about in the future, this was good fodder!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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