Monday, January 17, 2011

Height of Hypocrisy Part 2: MSM and Tucson Shooting

Ok, I’ve tried to avoid this as long as I can. I have the full body condom on to protect me from all the crap flying around and there is plenty to go around folks.

whatever happened to the ole axiom of “Look before you Leap”? No, none of that folks, let’s just start shooting off at the mouth regarding why a lunatic unleashed himself at a political rally. And when the facts start coming out, despite all evidence to the contrary stay with your story line and prove the other old axiom “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” So there is no doubt that the MSM (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc., and this smacked ass Paul Krugman) are fools.

The true hypocrisy is the raw number of examples of Left Wing loonies that have either spoken violence on their political opponents or have actually done violence (great summary here). But the MSM blames Sarah Palin? What is up with that?

Ok, they think Sarah is the most dangerous person (man or woman) on the right so they have to destroy her. And boy oh boy are they really working overtime to do that. They are not even slowing down to connect the dots. They think all of us out here are just as deranged as they are to see connections between this loner nut job and Sarah Palin’s target map of vulnerable Democrat congressional races.

Opos, not this map, this is the map put out by the Democrats of vulnerable Republicans, but you get the idea, you know crosshairs and a bullseye have the same meaning.


Second, why is that Paul Krugman guy not in jail for his part of the Enron business? Oh no, they give him a Pulitzer prize and I guess his crap don’t stink. That prize I guess, is like a “Get-out-of-Jail-Free” card which allows you to say anything without fear of retribution by your peers. Oh well, that whole “Peer Review” think is all a big scam anyway after the ClimateGate affair. So, you help run a company into the ground, loose tens of thousands of people their lives fortune and you get a Pulitzer Prize. Same as that Nobel Prize, which has now been degraded to do nothing or lie about what do do and you get the Peace Prize. What a joke.

Lastly, the only thing that makes sense here is what I call the “rope-a-dope”: what is going on that they don’t want you to notice? Yeah, while we are all wagging about this nonsense no one is watching the store. So what else is happening that we really should be paying attention to?

Let’s have a look at headlines that we missed while the Left had its collective head up its Ass (and all of us on the Right just stood around pointing and laughing at them):

- Barrel of oil is over $90 bucks a pop and the Gallon of gas at the pump is over $3.00: what no outcry, by the MSM? No nashing of teeth by those Lefty Elitist that want to nationalize the oil companies? When will they start their bitching, when gas gets to $5.00 a gallon?

- Jobless Claims go up. That little dip in the unemployment rate was just a blip. Yeah, keep telling us things are getting better we live out here where we see this stuff first hand.

- Foreclosures still going up, more on the horizon. Yeah, hand in hand with high unemployment is the fact that housing construction is a major job producer but with the foreclosures at depression era levels, you have those record jobless rates.

- Half of all states now are suing to STOP Obamacare. Yeah, with the changes in State Houses in November last in places like Oklahoma, Ohio, Maine and Wisconsin joining in the lawsuits looking to end the this monstrosity!

- Tastykake in financial trouble – say it ain’t so. The Keystone States beloved sugary snacks may go the way of the DoDo. Yes, the Tasty Baking Company that puts out the best baby cakes known to mankind are swimming in red ink. All thanks to going Green. And I am not talking Eagles Green either folks, I am talking they drank the cool aide and converter their massive plant to a “Green” plant and you guessed it folks, it’s not working out. They are losing money hand over fist. Can’t a diabetic get a break here!! When I go off the sugar wagon I don’t want to settle for anything but the best.

Ok, that is plenty for now. Get back to watching the Republic go to hell in the handbasket!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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