Friday, January 28, 2011

Careful What You Wish For

Protesters took the streets to confront security forces loyal to the government. Beating and killings go on for several days while the security forces try to put down the riots and protests spread. The Protesters coordinate their activity via twitter, email and they broadcast what they see over You Tube and Facebook. This was the news in 2009 coming out of Iran. To get control of the ground game the Iranian government shut down the internet and the phone system. (Story here.) This killed the movement that could have brought real reforms to this tyrannical government. But they had the ” Internet Kill Switch” and they used it.

Today, the news is same but over in Egypt. Mass riots and protests over the sitting regime. These protests started out small but news and coordination between protesters was conducted via the internet. This allowed the protesters to mass their forces against the Riot Police and security forces arrayed against them. Well, until the Egyptian government shut it all down. Again, they had the “Internet Kill Switch” and they used it.

So here we have the US Senate considering giving the President the same thing. How is this not an outright violation of the First Amendment? Why are they even contemplating this? Are they not satisfied taking over GM, Health Care, the Financial System and the Corn Crop?

I think this is as much a push to control the masses as all those other bills that are coached in helping the people. There can be no good to come from giving the Government control of this modern equivalent of the printing press.

Tyranny in any name is Liberty denied. Even by our own Government.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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