Thursday, July 29, 2010

Votes for Felons NOT the Military

Anyone remember all the trouble with counting absentee ballots from deployed military during the 2000 election. This seems to have triggered numerous campaigns to strengthen the Liberal/Democrat Party hold on voting in this country which includes the George Soros funded project to elect Secretaries of State who would be sympathetic to Democrat candidates. Also, several laws were passed to help get the Vote from deployed military counted. One of these laws was a law sponsored by Texas Republican John Cornyn that required states to mail out military ballots 45 days before an election in order to ensure they would be received in and counted back in the home district.

Now it seems the Obama Justice Department has other priorities, Felon's need to vote before the Military. This story by the washington times shows how PresBO and his puppet Attorney General (Erick "America is a Coward" Holder) are intentionally sabotaging the vote of the military. Here are a few snippets:

"..the Department seems to be encouraging states to apply for waivers so they won't have to follow that law. More than 17,000 Americans serving overseas were denied the vote in 2008 – but, presumable because military personnel are thought to lean conservative, the liberal Obama administration is in no hurry to correct the situation."


"The Justice Department is so unenthusiastic about military voting that its website still lists the old requirement for a shorter 30-day military voting window, rather than the current 45 days. On the other hand, the Justice Department has no legislative mandate whatsoever to involve itself with helping felons to vote, but its website devotes a large section – 2,314 words – to advising felons how to regain their voting privileges."

Go read the full article, it is frightening.

Yeah, get those hardened criminals the rights that the Men and Women in Uniform are fighting to protect and deprive them of that same right. What are they going to do next, Voting Rights for the Dead! Let us not hold our breath!

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