Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Fodder – News You Can Not Use!

Here are some headlines that defy the usual effort to ignore. I can hardly believe what passes for Journalism these days.

Larry Hagman, Dallas's Evil Oil Baron, Goes Green!

Oh yeah this is good, you see the "Evil Oil Baron" was a TV act and who in his right mind takes advice on going Green, or Red or even Black from a person who's only qualification is simply memorizing lines out of a script. How can anyone take this "Green" movement serious when they dig up hacks like this guy to pedal their agenda? Makes sense however, the whole Global Warming/Climate Change was a huge made up story just like the JR Ewing character.

Mechanical Problem Hampers BP Effort to Shut Off Well

I thought that was the problem some 90 days ago that started this whole mess? Good grief wouldn't you think the smart money here is to simply put a huge pipe on this and run it back to shore and right into a refinery. If all that black gold wants out, give is somewhere useful for it to go. End it already!!

Politicians who tell you democracies can't slash spending are lying.

Yeah, they simply made cuts to the DOD budget thereby double-dipping in their mind, cutting spending and weakening the country at the same time. Lying, what did they find that $100 million in budget cuts that PresBO wanted out of the Federal Budget last year. Remember they held a huge photo-op showing the PresBO and his cabinet pouring over reams of documents looking for cuts to the budget. No one that is a democrat is serious about cutting federal spending because the three largest drivers are sacred cows, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Lynwood Prison Lesbians Gangs Want Lindsay Lohan

Oh this is rich. Don't those prison lesbians know Lindsay is bisexual? Hell, she might give as good as she gets if they do get their hands on her.

House Democrats hit boiling point over perceived lack of White House support.

Oh this is nice; all those commie's not getting along. I guess the House Democrats are getting tired of carrying the water for the Marxist in Chief since he has such short coat tails they get nothing in exchange for dragging the country into the Socialist Utopia. Either that or they finally run out of stuff to complain about!

Democrat Bart Stupak Accuses Pro-Life Groups of 'Politicizing' Abortion Issue to Undermine Health Care Reform

Hey Bart, what do you call trading your vote for a Presidential Promise not to fund abortions with federal money? Is that not the very definition of "Politicizing"? Of course Bart got punked by the PresBO because his little presidential Executive Order was not worth the paper it was printed on. Nothing like selling your soul to someone worse than the Devil himself.

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