Monday, April 4, 2011

My Father is Gone

Sorry to have gone silent for so long here about. My Father passed away on the 27th, ravaged by Cancer for more than a year he was stubborn to the end but had wasted away to nothing like the Giant of a Man of my Youth. He and my Mother were the center of the Taylor universe. Some of us had orbits that were close at hand (my Sisters and their Kids) and others such as me (me alone in all truthfulness as I am the only family member that lives outside of the Rio Grande valley) the orbit was much greater however no less important in the gravity they imposed on us all. I am quite simply, lost. I was prepared for this, warned in the end that the time was near. My Father refused to talk to either me or his older sister for mainly the acknowledgement that each conversation was his last. I will cherish my last visit back in December last year and how well he was doing. He was brought back from the brink by the Sisters tending and minding to him for almost a year. There was always at least one of the Sisters in his company. A true feat and measure of their Love. Dad, as he was known to me was 78 years old when he passed; joining my Mother where ever it is one goes at the end. Together they had 7 Children, 18 Grand Children and 15 Great Grand Children. They did a superlative job on all of us, each independent and driven. Each successful and doing well with values embedded in us by two of the finest parents anyone could ask for. Dad was put to his final rest in the National Military Cemetery in Santa Fe. He has a corner lot that looks out over the Sangre de Christo Mountains. A fine spot not too far from the shoulder of the road I was born on. I weep still and its been a week. How will I make it from here. BT: Jimmy T sends.


Bag Blog said...

I'm sorry for your loss,and understand some of the feelings you have. I lost my dad five years ago to cancer. It is amazing how stubborn they can be all the way to the end. I'm very thankful for the time I was able to spend with Dad, although real communication was difficult since Dad's hearing was pretty much gone. Still, he could tell me stories and I could listen.

I was very proud of my family for all the help they put in with my parents - sounds like you have a great family too.

JimmyT said...

Thank You and yes, they are a great family. They pulled together at the right time to help Dad through all of this. They were there for my Mother too but she went real fast no one was expecting that.

We press on. That is all we can do.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Buck said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Jimmy. My father fought cancer for two years before he finally succumbed... a good and valiant fight but oh so painful for all involved. My step-mother told me at Dad's wake that she was relieved he was finally at peace. I shared her thoughts.

My best to your and yours.

Anonymous said...

I know Im late to this, and I hope you have come to accept the loss Jimmy. Your post was like rehashing my own relationship and situation with my father. My dad passed of Prostate Cancer at 87 yrs old. He was a WWII P-47 pilot and a patriotic proud gentle soul. After my mother passed in 2007, I became sole caretaker for my father at 82. We became very close pals and did many things together that I'll always cherish. He died this past March and this is my first Xmas w/out him. I miss him terribly. I have terrible guilt issues as if I could have done better for him. His end times were very hard and he lasted a long time. I too was so relieved when he went on to find my mother. We never forget them, but rather learn to accept their passing.I miss my parents too. Hang in and stay strong. We'll all see our folks again one day. God Bless.