Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Memorandum

Carroll LeFon
Captain, USN (Ret.)
"Neptunus Lex"

I am still forward deployed to the CZ (another week on this tours of almost 4) so I am coming to this party a little late. But I am just as shocked and dismayed as any who have come before me.

The internet being instantaneous for all practical purposes that including here in the CZ, but my bandwidth being very slow much more like the old 9600 baud days. Strangely, I did see a note about this pretty early on and I did recognize “Whispers” posting on Lex’s site as that of a message that someone had passed on. The” Missing Man” formation being very familiar to anyone working in the Aero-plane business and especially for one as long as I. But while it registered it did not sink in that it was Lex.

Not until I saw one of the eulogy postings did it hit me. Then I was flooded with them, nearly every place I went had a message of condolence a message of how Lex touched them. I have spent a lot of my down time reading comments on that Whisper post. Shaking my head in disbelief that Lex was and truly gone. Taken from us by too many snakes to wrestle in that wee bit of a cockpit.

Like so many others he was my inspiration for blogging as well. And like so many others he mentored me, answering questions and giving me advice from time to time. Never via a comment, always via personal touch with an email.

It is a wonder he found time to write for his own blog he was so busy helping so many fledgling bloggers. His true legacy in the ether that is the Internet is all the many hundreds of voices he helped shape.

I am proud to say that I am Lex.

In the Aviation business there is always this outcome. I have seen it many times before. Even when you don’t know the man or men in person, you know the circumstance. And always in the back of your mind it the idea that it could happen right here, right now and take you.

As an avionics technician and final checker I was many times the final arbitrator of who went flying and who did not. The simple gesture of the outstretched fist with the thump pointing one way or the other either dispatched the aircraft and all the souls onboard into the heavens or kept them there in person, another jet for them on this event or the next. It always weighed on me the fact that one thing out of place out of the millions on the Jet and the millions on the ship end, and well that is why the “Missing Man” formation is so recognizable to a career aviator. Especially the ground pounding ones, when an aircraft never returns well, that is why it is called “Missing Man”.

Aviation is a cruel mistress, sucking you in with tiny installments of almost indescribable pleasure. For years and years she Woo’s you. You taste disaster only on the edges and soon you are so hooked it is your life she wants in return. If you stay long enough, teasing one more sortie, one more cycle, one more journey to the heavens. And then she wants it all back at once. Payment in full.

We may never know what really happened in the end there at Fallon. I keep going to Lex’s place expecting that post from the other side telling in his poetic way the magic of that last flight. How the 0-dark thirty brief while mundane was necessary, how the cold morning affected A404 and how he coached her out of her chocks and up into the surely bounds of earth.

Up and away into the heavens. For surely he would return if he was every really ours for the keeping.

Rest In Peace Skipper.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Here and There

Sorry for the lack of posts. As some may realize I am commuting between my Home in PA and a worksite in the Czech Republic. I spend more time there than here rotating every couple of weeks back to the U.S. for a short time and I return.

I could qualify for citizenship here in the lovely Brno.

The travel takes a lot out of me and the work here well; let’s just say it’s not anything like working on aircraft and getting dirty on a flight line like in the good ole days just a few years ago.

The flying to-n-fro and living in hotels (although the same one) has eaten away at my desire to write. I don’t know what it is, but the feeling is just not there most of the times. But I won’t give it up, I’ll just post at the reduced rate.

Now all this living abroad has now made me an expert on living and life in Europe. Let me tell you, there is no better way to learn the culture than to live in it for an extended period. None of that arm chair analysis, I am talking man on the street or trolley, tram, train and diesel fueled automobile.

More to come in future posts on the differences in lifestyles and life expectations between us Americans and the Europeans. And there is a lot of difference and we should all hope we don’t go any more in this direction.

Here is a start:

Behold my latest trip here and the air fare. This is what my company paid for a round trip (Economy by the way) between Philly and Prague. Note the actual Air Fare is a mere $226.00 U.S. Dollars.

Oh yeah, dear reader, that big whopping $620.70 is all the taxes heaped onto this international ticket. Those Taxes have only recently gone up to accommodate this new “Carbon Trading” scheme that has been enacted here in the EU Zone. All aircraft flying into and landing in the EU Zone are now required to pay this Carbon Offset tax and it only this year went into effect on flights originating in North America (the U.S. Air Carriers all ganged together and sued the EU but of course lost).

This adds another $31 dollars minimum to a flight from the U.S. Now I don’t pay this tax, my company does but when you look at all the taxes how in the hell are you going to try and spur any kind of tourism to either continent with taxes that make a trip like this outrageous in cost.

Look at that up there, the airline flight is a mere $226.00 and we are not talking some cut rate airline, this is a British Airways flight. These guys actually earn that money: they feed you and keep you in booze the whole flight. They prowl the aisles with water and juice all during the flight not like a U.S. Airline I know that will go without nameless here ( Delta) who feeds you and then they disappear until its almost time to land. And I mean disappear; they must have some secret under-the-floor retreat they all hide in because they go away leaving water a juice out for you to serve yourself. But not BA, those crews actually serve the whole time you are with them.

Anyway, I don’t see how one can trigger tourism when you pile on the taxes and meanwhile the aircraft manufacturers are going out of their way to build more and more fuel efficient aircraft yet they get hammered on the carbon output on a flat rate not at all based on how little impact their new engines are on the environment. The government fools here don’t understand the market side approach that would incentivize the reduction of carbon output. But no, it’s all done it that socialist way where everyone shares in the misery.

In other news: There is no Global Warming!! What you say, look at this chart:

I stole the chart from Weasel Zippers and they got it from this article right here. From the UK Daily Mail no less!!

Yeah it appears that there has been NO warming over the last 15 years which means that there has been no so called “Greenhouse” effect from all the Carbon Dioxide accumulating up there in the stratosphere. The article further states that a mini-Ice Age just may be a coming our way too.

Wow, where did I hear that before? I remember now, when I was back in the early ‘70’s and they had just got DDT black listed to save Bald Eagle. You remember that whole Rachel Carson think where she determined that the Bald Eagle has suddenly developed thin egg shells triggered by the ingestion of this evil toxin (even though Bald Eagles in Alaska had the same problem of thin egg shells but the use of DDT was not wide spread up there at the time) . So to save the symbol of the country we had to ditch the one chemical responsible for the saving of literally millions of lives by its use of killing mesquites.

But I drift; back to the “Ice Age” that was all the rage back in the ‘70’s. Yeah, it was even a time cover story.

This is the April 8th 1977 cover of Time, but the hype started years before. In June of 1974 time ran its first article about the coming ice age (“Another Ice Age?”) and Newsweek followed with a story its own on the same subject (“The Cooling World”) in their April 28th 1975 issue. Oh the humanity.

What was old is new again, just think Time and Newsweek both can save themselves some money and republish both those stories and not pay a real journalist to actually you know fact check or anything just like their Political coverage!!

I wonder where all that Carbon Tax money is really going? Do you think they are really going to use it to plant trees or to suck CO2 out of the sky and sequester it down deep inside ole Mother Gia?

No, I think they are using it to line their pockets the rat bastards. This whole Global Warming/Climate Change/Carbon Dioxide is one big scam designed to take money away from those of us that have it and turn it over to politicians who will do with it as they please.

What a load of crap.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Student Loan Money – 2 easy 2 get

One of the few complaints that is making sense coming out of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd or OWS as a short cut, is the complaint that many young people are carrying a huge debt load after they graduate from college or university, if they graduate at all. Of course, none of them are looking inward and questioning what they were in college for in the first place, I mean how many MBA’s do we really need out there when it is always “Math and Science” that the work force needs. And how many of these idiots took courses either on their own violation or at the hands of Administrators that were absolutely stupid courses like, “The Art of Walking” or “Daytime Serials”.

I bet one regrets spending $15,000 dollars on the course “Science of Superheros” now that you have to actually pay back that tuition money. With interest!

The problem with the OWS crowd is that they want a Bailout of their financial responsibility; they want Big Government@ to pay for their little dalliance in higher education. A free pass from the magical money coffer that most liberals seem to think is theirs for the taking. To be spent on all the social ills in our society, a redistribution of the wealth created by the actual working class.

The big problem as I see it is that money to go to secondary education is too easy to get and has been for many, many years. I say that knowing full well that my Daughter went to university on credit basically extended through her parents (me and the Good Wife). My wife and I are the proud holders of a note that is almost as hard a hit on us financially as the mortgage on our house! But it was the only way for her to get a Degree. And all the loan approvals were done on-line with little or no fuss.

All guaranteed by our mutual relative, Uncle Sam. And that is the root of the problem as far as I can see. With Big Government@ back-stopping all the loans there is very little reason for a bank not to loan the money out, no matter how long it takes someone to graduate if at all, or how many dumb or stupid classes they are made to take, no matter how much the school charges for the course in the first place.

With no one saying "NO" to incoming student’s colleges and universities have had no reason to hold down costs. So, little by little the cost has gone up, courses are added even for no other reason than Political Correctness and the final tally are college degrees that are over inflated. Tuition that is obscene and out of control. Observe the below chart.


That is a real bubble there folks, propped up by yours and my tax dollars. And almost no one is talking about this.

If there was no rich Uncle ready to back any one that came along needing a loan WITHOUT any collateral as backup, then people would either do without going to school or they will be dammed careful where they went and what courses they were taking. People would be shopping with their wallet and maybe even standing up to the school Administrator that was trying to get people into worthless classes or study programs that lead nowhere (like Women or Black Studies).

The lack of perspective new students knocking on doors would mean someone would have to do without a fancy lounge or tenure or a room full of staff. The school would have to justify the tuition and maybe even put on some cost controls.

Schools would actually have to compete with one another for the limited incoming students and maybe just maybe they would go back to actually forcing teachers/professors to actually you know, teach. In my time in university I was never once taught by the professor, some under graduate or other lackey always gave the lectures and passed out the exercises.

With no pressure to hold down costs they schools have gone wild and the graph above shows this. How soon before this bubble bursts? Not soon enough.


BT: Jimmy T sends.

Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11: My Observations

I did not put up anything to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of 9/11, sorry but there was plenty of stuff out there for us all to wallow in and a fair amount better than anything I could say. But it is now 9/12 and time for that other shoe to drop. That is to say: How I really Feel about this event?

I am embolden by blog buddy ASM-826 who ran a series entitled "How I Feel Now" wherein he discuss' his feelings regarding the whole Anit-American sentiment that triggered this event. He is still angered over it and quite frankly, so am I.

Now, most people that come here know that I have had at various times two Son’s in the military over this last 10 years. Both joined after 9/11 (in fact Son #1 was due to leave for Basic Training that very Tuesday but that was stalled a couple of weeks, but that did not deter him, he still joined and serves to this day) and one has in fact deployed into combat in Afghanistan (he went to Iraq as well but his battalion did not see action). Those were trying times here in the Swamp.

Skin in the game and all that.

Yeah I know, we went overseas and broke a lot of china in faraway places, hoping to change regimes and the hearts and minds of people who would be our enemy. And for the most part we have been successful; there is now a democracy in place in an Arab/Muslim country for the first time in history, no small feat. I hope they can hold onto it.

We have also toiled diligently in another hell hole of the world to little affect. It seems the people of Afghanistan don’t really care who runs the country so long as they are left alone in their poverty. That is how it has been for many centuries no need to change it now even if it is for the better. Mud huts, no electricity or running water – no problem. They have their goats.

To them I say “Hasta La vista Baby, don’t choke on the dust.” The graveyard of kingdoms is populated by the walking dead; we need not bother them anymore.

But, what really has been simmering inside me all these 10 years is the simple fact that the Arab street and those who “claim” to love Islam have simply not refuted what has happened. Look, they had a grievance of some sort, why not appear before the UN or in the Haig and register a complaint. With all the America-Haters in the UN I am sure they would have raised a stink and with Political Correctness running wild here there would have been a change.

But to fly large aircraft filled with innocent people into buildings for sole purpose of killing Americans is reprehensible. It is beyond the pale. And yet, what did the Arab Street have to say when this occurred?

Well, here it is, video from that very day 10 years a 1 day ago.

YES, that’s right. They were celebrating, dancing in the street. I saw those images live when they were first broadcast. They did not re-run them however on network TV in the states. I am sure they were not shown yesterday on the 10 anniversary either? (Unfortunately, I am in Europe again and missed all that build up however the BBC did carry the NYC 9/11 Memorial live.)

Here they are again; take a good look at this because this is really how they feel about us Americans!

And I need to point out something here that is not obvious. These people were dancing and carrying on even though they did not know who committed the attack. All they knew at this instant in time was that a whole lot of Americans were dying. And they were happy about it.

Take another look:

These folks were celebrating the simple fact that we were attacked, that Americans were being killed, they did not even know at this point who or why.

Now, riddle me this all of you Arab/Muslim defenders, why would anyone celebrate when the most charitable peoples in the world are attached? The people who saved the world from tyranny not just in WW-II but who do you think kept the Soviet Union at bay all those years? Hmmm? You really think the Saudi’s could have held their own against the Red Army marching in and taking over?

And when Bangladesh is swamped by massive tsunami who is the first nation there bringing water purification systems and medical personnel into the disaster zone. I’ll clue you into a simple fact, it was not any of the Arab or Muslim nations, it was us, the United States of America. That same military that you found so reprehensible you had to attack us over is the very military that is all too often on the spot saving lives of those in need after a natural disaster. Without asking first if those very people are friendly or what their religious beliefs are, they simply go in and take care of business.

No folks, I will stew a good long time over this. Maybe forever or until every last Muslim his has been killed or has converted over to something other than Islam.

And you don't want me as President because I would have brought a real war to the Middle East and it would not have been pretty at all by a long shot. But vengeance would have been had because that is all those people understand. Might makes Right.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oxygen Thief OR Idiot with a Passport

You have all heard the phrase “The Ugly American”, well how about the “Stupid American”. So, I'am checking into my flight at the Prague Airport for my return home after 2-weeks of slaving away making the Dome project work. I was tired and homesick, really tired of living in hotels and eating rich foods with little exercise.

So, I am in line going through security at the departure gate. They do it differently in Europe; actually they do it differently in Germany and England too, not just the Czech Republic. Here you get an initial screening interview where you check in your baggage. They ask you questions about what your baggage and what you are taking onto the aircraft. They specifically ask you if you are aware of “Prohibited” items and if you are not, they will tell what they are, reading from the list. Jut to be sure.

They ask if you have any of these items on your person or in your hand baggage. Hand baggage is the luggage you are taking onto the jet with you or simply your “carry-on”.

If you have traveled even a little bit you know what these items are: weapons or anything that can be used as a weapon, glass items, anything that will start a fire, flammable liquids, liquids in more than 4 ounce container or more than a quart in total.

After that initial interview you can proceed to the gate where they put you through the actual screening. This is the part where all your stuff is X-rayed and you go through the metal detector. At least here you don’t have to take your shoes off, but you do have to pull the laptops out (yes that is plural, your humble scribe travels with no fewer than two laptops, sometimes more), empty your pockets and remove the belts.

Again, I am going through the screening, I got all my stuff laid out in the bins and a guy ahead of me sets off the metal detector. He has to step back and get a ton of items removed and put in a small bucket for X-ray, a huge key chain, watch, bracelets, necklace, a belt with metal studs all around and he had a nice pair of sun glasses on a strap hanging off his neck but onto his back. Mr. Hipster was also wearing a jaunty little hat that he was told more than once to remove.

So, he gets the up close and personal pat down which basically stops the flow on my line. We were early and there was not a lot of people waiting. Just me in fact, anxious to get home. When they are done with the pat down on the Hipster I am waived through. No problems for me. I pass right on through.

I cannot however collect my things because all the security Agents are now busying themselves with examining Mr. Hipster’s hand baggage. Yes folks, this guy is one of those that makes you wish you were not an American.

They pull out of his stuff a set of glass beer glasses not mugs mind you but they were tall, the kind that would hold a liter of beer, something maybe Paul Bunyan would drink from. Then out comes a set of shot glasses, they are nice looking, heavy set with a blue dollop in the middle of the base. Then a Lighter, one of them Zippo’s: the Agents all take turns thumbing it on getting a nice flame off the thing. Zippo’s are the best you know. They also pull out a small can of the lighter fluid for the Zippo and boy they are sure going to need it because they called over a Supervisor and he too flicked it on a few times, marveling at the flame.

Out of a pocket on the backpack they pull out 4 or 5 wine puller tools. “I collect those”! says the Hipster Duffus. They only look at him with contempt and pull out the small knife blade that is attached to each.

Then out comes something wrapped in paper and taped up pretty good. They use the knife blade on the Wine pullers to cut through the wrapping and they pull out a bottle of Moskovskaya which is a kind of vodka sold here. I think it’s actually Russian but it can be used for not just getting drunk, it can clean carburetors, thin paint and disinfect wounds.

The Hipster Duffus must have had a party planned because it was a full 500 ml size bottle. But that was not the capper.

Out of a cardboard box they pull out a tall bottle with a long skinny neck. It looks like one of those Olive oil disperses you see at fine Italian Restaurants. Only this one is quite large. And it has a very clear liquid in it, with a kind of rope that is immersed into it. The top is all sealed off with wax and then a plastic wrap.

It’s a Lamp. You know the kind you ignite and use for illuminating a room. The clear liquid is pure alcohol and the rope is the wick. Several of the Security Agents look at him while holding the bottle up at him. “I was told this was safe to bring on the plane. All this stuff is supposed to be ok.” He said.

Now, I am standing there waiting patiently hoping I would be asked my opinion of what they should do. You know, some time in a Turkish prison may do this Duffus some good. A good beating with his contraband items or at the very least they should pull his boarding pass and make him go home via another means of transportation where Motivic Cocktails are not prohibited.

The Supervising Security Agent looks at all the stuff and then to the Duffus he says: “Sir, we must speak with you about all these things you have here. These things, they are,,” he stops for a moment thinking of the English word for what he wants to say. “Criminal” I say under my breath, several of the Agents look at me with little smiles on their face. Duffus also gives me the look that says “Don’t give them any ideas.” “Irregular.” The Supervisor says.

They gather his stuff into several bins and march him and his stuff to an interview room.

I start getting my stuff together and packed back where they belong. The Czech Security Agents are all gabbing in Czech, I am sure it is about the Duffuss. They smile at me as I am preparing to leave the area: “Thank you sir for your patience.” One says to me.

“You know, you guys could always keep him here.” I say. They all laugh with me. “No, we have many of our own.” The one says to me as I depart. I wave to them and shake my head.

This guy is using up good oxygen and he is an American! They should test you first before they give you a passport.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Obama's War on Oil

How important is the Oil Industry to the national economy? Let’s look at a few facts.

First off Oil as it turns out is a very useful base product. From a single barrel of oil (42 gallons) you not only get gasoline (19.36 gals) which we all put into our cars but they also refine Diesel fuel and Jet fuel. This accounts for only about 33 of the 42 gallons in the standard barrel of oil.

Graphic above taken from the U. S. Energy Information Administraion (

That remaining 9 gallons of oil is used to make many, many items. They are called “petrochemicals” a byproduct of distilling oil further is the production of ethylene and propylene. These are the backbone of the huge petrochemical industry.

Ethylene and propylene are used to produce plastics. Plastics in many forms have literally revolutionized our lives. Used in everything from cookware to blood bags, from computers to carpeting. There is virtually noting that does not benefit from the many forms of plastic.

The petrochemical industry employs more than 7 million people in this country this is over and above the 2 million jobs directly related to oil and gas production (these are the oil and gas field jobs, and those employed in the first tier refineries).
Plastics includes: bottles, laminated table/counter tops and flooring,, appliances, toys and medical equipment (including artificial joints, prosthesis as well as the tubing and surgical equipment). More than 1 million people work in the plastics industries and increases as a component of the national GDP by more than 2% per year.

Derivative oil based products include asphalts, dyes, waxes, lubricants and the base for paints and of course tires (car and truck) which are all “artificial” rubber.

Cosmetics include all the dyes, colorants and aromatics which are re-applied to other plastic or derivative (in the case of color agents of paint).

All of these industries are included in that 7 million job count. All of these products are directly affected by the price of the barrel of Oil. The pain of high oil goes beyond the gas pump that we all feel.

Begging to curry favor with the far left the Obama Administration has embarked on a considered effort if not to destroy the Oil Industry at least to hobble it to the point of near non-existence. The Administration is vested in high energy prices as a way to make Wind and Solar (supposed “Green” energy) more attractive.

The Administration has worked hard to restrict access to both oil and natural gas fields where many new jobs would be created. At the same time, drawing oil locally or at least in this hemisphere would reduce our multi-billion dollar to Middle Eastern nations for their oil. Witness the near total ban on re-opening drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and all the effort this Administration has expanded in trying to keep oil drilling a thing of the past in that region. All to the detriment of the many tens of thousands that depend on those jobs.

At the same time the EPA is on the way to adopting regulations that would restrict the development of new oil and gas fields, new and improved refinery plants which all would spur new jobs and reduce the cost of the raw material to the many industries that we rely on, not just the gas for our cars.

All of these initiatives pushed by the Administration (High energy prices, restricted access to the raw resources itself and the overreaching EPA regulations) is a concerted effort to cripple the oil and gas industries. With little or no regard to how the public feels or to its needs. No one can deny that high energy prices ripple into the fabric of our society.

That barrel of Oil is used many times in our integrated economy so that the high price must be factored into the ultimate cost of items purchased by the consumer many times. Not just in the transportation of the finished product to market, in many cases the actual manufacturing of the product is done in plants or with methods that rely on oil or petrochemicals.

There is no questioning that we are an oil economy. The fact that the Obama Administration is at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Semolina (albeit a low yield, low intensity) he is also at war with the Oil and Natural Gas resources within this country.

We are blessed with enough of both to make the country completely independent of foreign oil. If only the envorowinnies would let us.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun -n - Games with the Air Force

Ok, I am back. And why not come back having fun at the expense of the Boys-n-Blue, the USAF. A crew from the 411th Aircraft Maintenance Unit (an F-22 unit) beat out all commers for the highly prized "Weapons Loader" competition held at Edwards AFB. This 3-Man Person Crew from the 411 Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) beat out all other competitors for the distinction of best Wewpons Loaders for the First Quarter of 2011. There is a long and drawn out history of quickly and safely loading aircraft with the weapons of war. An important skill and a competiton started before the Korean war during the very infantancy of the USAF. More here. What’s so funny You say? Well, when you read what these guys were actually doing you too will be saying “WTF” and I am not talking about winning the Future either. Look, way back when this competion started there was a huge need to quickly reload aircraft with the munitions necessary to prosecute a war. We are talking about dozens of bombs, rockets and even a few missiles were part of the war load on the old workload aircraft in the way back. Your FB-111s, F-4’s, B-66, B-58’s and the F-100 series of aircraft, these things could carry some iron. The competition described in the above dispatch from Edwards AFB was for each 3-person crew to load a single AIM-120 missile onto their target aircraft.. One, 1, uno, a single missile. And I am talking it was actually hauled around and held up to the aircraft using a spotting dolly, a self propelled one at that. In my day you loaded bombs the old fashion way, with a friggin hernia bar! Picture taken from website. I amsuspecting this is a test load because of the Civilians doing the loading and the lack of markings on the weapons shapes. The Yellow bar they are gripping is the hernia bar and it is used to help load the store to the aircraft rack. On the really heavy stuff we would put a harnia bar out the back end of the bomb too and get several more knuckle draggers to lift the shape to the rack.

LIKE THIS: Oh and that is not the birghtest part of this, seems there were only TWO crews available for the competiton. The F-22 crew that won it all here and a Crew from the F-35 JSF Aircraft Maintenance Unit. All the other possible participants (F-15, F-16, B-1, and B-2s) well they were all busy, something about having to put aircraft in COMBAT, you know, out fighting 3 air wars all at once.

Yeah, you can keep that fancy and expensive F-22 here in CONUS fighting for prime space and per diem money at Air Shows while the rest of Air Combat Command is out you know, in COMBAT. And you can keep your SORRY ASS excuse for why the most formidable fighter known to mankind is sitting this one out. Hell, the B-1 and B-2 crews are flying from CONUS to Libia and back. Why not simply put some F-22's in Italy? Who knows, I am sure there is some lame ass reason for needing specialized basing and maintenance on site to keep it here. Good deal on that at some where over $400 Million bucks an airframe.

Oh, its good to be back. By the way, my dearly and most recently departed Father was in the Air Force and my SN1 serves today with the Indiania Air National Guard. But still, easy pickens!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.